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Why You Should Use a Video Production Company as a White Label Solution for Your Agency

Here’s a statistic that should make you think. According to Hubspot, in 2018 a whopping 81% of business used video as part of their marketing strategy. That number is projected to rise to 87% by the end of 2019. All that video content can’t create itself. If you’re an agency that’s not offering video services, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you’re a smaller agency or an agency that hasn’t classically operated in the video sphere, offering video content to your clients might seem unrealistic. Acquiring the cameras, lights, set pieces, editing systems, and the staff to run an internal video department can be very expensive, and when you have no pending video work you still have to pay for the equipment lease and your staff salaries. Understandably you may be worried about making such a sizable investment without an established clientele asking for the service.

This is a valid fear. But it’s not the end of the story. There’s a much better way for you to start offering video content that doesn’t involve a large outlay of cash and risk. Instead of trying to create the content yourself you can use an established video production company as a white label provider for your video production projects. This allows you to offer full video production services to your clients with virtually no risk.

How White Label Is Better Than Traditional Sub-Contracting

Agencies have been sub-contracting video production companies since there were video production companies, and this arrangement has worked well. However, the client was always aware that their agency was hiring an outside company, which meant the agency couldn’t take full credit for a job well done at the end of production. For agencies desiring to bill themselves as full service, this was an issue.

White label production solves this problem. White label video production companies offer the same services as a standard sub-contractor. However, they don’t ask for credit for the work they do. They allow an agency to hire out complete production services and then bundle the entire package under their own brand.

This means the client is never aware that the production company they’re working with isn’t a part of the agency. Hiring a white label production company is essentially the same as having an in-house video production department, but without having to purchase the equipment or pay employee salaries. White label gives you all the benefits of your own video department without any of the drawbacks.

It’s Your Creative. You Deserve the Credit.

White label video services allow you the option to take as much or as little credit as you like. It gives you the freedom to package video production to your clients however you see fit. Because all the work is done under your brand, if you want to tell your clients you offer in-house production services, you can do that. If you choose to have your client contact the production company, a quality white label service will make certain its employees address your clients as if they’re still speaking to employees of your agency.

Imagine being able to tell your clients you offer scriptwriting, shooting, editing, finishing, animation services and more without changing your current business structure in any way. That's the power of white label.

If you’re ready to extend your reach through video, please feel free to contact us to get started today.

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