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Using Docu-style Videos to Sell Your Product or Service

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Documentaries have long captured the interest of people with a particular interest or focus on a subject. From history to advanced technology, a celebrity to a rare species of butterfly, these videos intrigue, inform, and entertain. While your branded docu-style video may never hit the big screen, using them to market products or services online is a smart move.

Why Docu-Style Videos?

Authenticity is the primary intention of docu-style videos. Every brand has a story, and products and services offered are large parts of that. However, the people behind them, and those who use them, are also part of the overall story. That is what docu-style videos focus on.

Consumers respond well to everyday people telling them about the products they use or the services that helped them in some way. There is a sense of disconnect from a corporate representative reading a script and displaying precise yet fabricated images or clips.

Docu-style videos showcase opinions and emotions more fully while capturing attention with unique settings and activities. Which would be more effective to you? A construction company filming a man in a hard hat talking about roofing material donations while pointing at a chart of shingle longevity, or some workers on a roof while the homeowner shares how they donated their services after a hurricane?

How to Promote Products or Services With Documentaries?

It all starts with your brand story. Every company or organization has roots, a mission, and people behind it that makes it what it is. They also have a focus on a particular type of consumer. The docu-style videos could directly tell the history of the company, but this borders on human interest rather than product or service marketing.

Storytelling about a product involves both the people who create it and use it. Show a gardener trying out a specialty tool or a child playing with a unique educational toy. Talk to people and get their unscripted opinions and experiences. These things create a stronger emotional connection between the brand and the consumer who watches the video on YouTube or company website.

Docu-style videos sound casual, but they are not off-the-cuff random films. Before you head out with your camera, take time to plan the structure and focus. Write down effective questions about the product or service experience. Make a list of particular clips you want to capture. Also, recognize that filming marketing videos can cost quite a bit, so it makes sense to grab as much as possible in one session and to potentially film enough for multiple videos at once.

The growing popularity of docu-style videos presents a more casual and connected feel that consumers respond well to. Create a brand story and represent it with real people who have positive things to say about your brand.

If you’re ready to extend your reach through video, please feel free to contact us to get started today.

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