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The 4 Types of Video That Will Help Your Business Grow

Updated: May 25, 2019

We believe video is the most powerful tool for business owners and influencers to inspire their audience.

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So you’ve started your business and you know you need videos, but where do you to start? It’s not a secret anymore, video has continuously proven to be the best way to market your brand. We’ve created a list of four videos your business should be making right now to generate sales and awareness for your brand.

1. Brand Video

Why do you need it?

Brand Videos help tell your why. This is your story. This is personal. A Brand Video will take your audience on an emotional roller coaster and encourage them to take action after viewing. Think of it as your coming out party, or your Who, What, When, Where, and most importantly Why. If done correctly, it’ll build an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.”

Who can benefit the most from it?

From Fortune 500 companies to Mom-and-Pop shops, any business can benefit from a Brand Video.

2. Explainer

Why do you need it?

So you’ve got your audience emotionally connected to your brand, but there’s still some FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Well, here’s your logic. An Explainer Video is going to do just that – explain. The main focus of an Explainer Video will be explaining how to use your service/product. While explaining your service/product, you’ll be able to explain what makes your business better than your competition, how will your service/product benefit your audience, and what value it will bring them. 4 in 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.

Who can benefit the most from it?

Tech Companies, Healthcare Businesses, Telecommunication Services, Consultancy Services, Online B2B

3. Customer Testimonials

Why do you need it?

Straight up – your customers are your best sales people, referrals, hype-man/ hype-woman, etc. for your business. A Customer Testimonial builds trust and credibility. This may be the single most important video you have that brings in sales. Seeing and hearing a customer talk about your product or service resonates more than just reading about it. You can even incorporate these into your Brand Video, but as time goes on, you’ll have testimonials that you’ll want to share after your Brand Video is already completed. Once you get Customer Testimonials, it’s important to show them off. Add them to the “About Us” section on your website, send them to your prospective clients, and publish them across every platform for maximum optimization.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional video production company, you can have your customers record a quick 30 second testimonial on their cell phone. Reach out to your best customers and ask them to share their success story!

Who can benefit the most from this?

All businesses and services.

4. Expert Videos

Why do you need it?

Your audience needs guidance. They need an industry leader; a subject matter expert, per se. These set of videos are going to be your FAQs. Your audience has questions and you’ve got the answers. Now that you’re bringing in customers like there’s no tomorrow, it’s time to educate them. No, this is not an Explainer Video – these are weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly content you’ll put out to educate and grow your core audience. Your prospective client or audience may not have the budget at the moment, but if you’re educating them and building trust, you better believe when they have the money, you’re the first person they’ll go to. Expert Videos are the best way to organically grow your target audience.

Who can benefit the most from it?

Health/Medical Services, Educators, Law Firms, Financial Services, Influencers, Non-profits, Life Coaches

If you’re ready to connect with your audience through video, please feel free to contact us to get started today.

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