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How Your Nonprofit Can Use Video to Gain More Donors

Updated: May 28, 2019

Nonprofit organizations differ from commercial businesses in many ways, but one of the biggest differences is how they market effectively. "Give now!" is not as compelling as "Buy now!" since there is no direct personal need intrinsically linked to donations like there is when purchasing a product. Nonprofits attract more donors through storytelling, and video marketing is an exceptional way to share your organization's story with the world. Even as early as five years ago, Google found a 57% donation rate from people who viewed an online video about the nonprofit's focus. With the increasing success of online marketing, there is no doubt that number continued to rise.

Telling a Nonprofit Story With Video Marketing

No matter what cause or social issue your nonprofit group focuses on, there is a story attached to it. Unlike marketing products or services that solve a problem for a consumer, a donation solves a problem for the recipient. When you tell their stories in an emotive and informative way, people will give more.

Why? Consider the last time you helped someone out in your life. Perhaps you gave a family member some money in a tough time or helped a friend navigate a real estate deal. You are much more likely to do these things for someone you connect with on a personal level. It's about empathy and understanding, and what you know about the person receiving the help matters.

Video marketing allows potential donors to learn and experience what other people are going through. If the nonprofit does not focus on people, for example one that is about ecology or preserving historic homes, the video can still attract attention and encourage donations.

Top 3 Tips for Effective Videos that Target Potential Donors

If you want to gain more donors eager to make contributions to whatever cause or charity your nonprofit represents, consider these creation and marketing tips to boost your video power.

1 – Choose a Face for the Nonprofit Group

Whether you have a celebrity spokesperson or just use the lady who works at the front desk part time, the face of your nonprofit must connect to viewers on a friendly level. This does not mean you can't switch things up and have other people talking sometimes. In order to encourage more donors to join the cause, they want to feel a personal connection. This works best when they virtually get to know the representative.

2 – Reveal How Their Donation Specifically Helps

People are much more likely to give if they know where their money is going. Far too many charity organizations misuse funds or allocate only a small amount to the actual cause. In nonprofit videos, you have the opportunity to directly show potential donors the good that their money will do. Visit locations, talk to people affected, and quote statistics with eye-catching graphics, too.

3 – Keep Video Production Dynamic and Creative

A nonprofit's financial status may not allow for big production, professional video marketing projects. That's okay! Even with the smallest budget, you can put together multiple videos that help tell the story in order to entice more donors.

While staying on brand with the "face of the nonprofit" idea above, mix in other volunteers, family members, or the recipients of the help. Take videos in different locations. An environmental group can go from the office to the local park. A homeless advocacy group could include community centers, street corners, and the new, improved shelters outfitted with the nonprofit's donations.

If you’re ready to connect with your audience through video, please feel free to contact us to get started today.

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