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Batch Videos: Creating Content Year-Around in a Short Amount of Time

No doubt exists that video content drives traffic to websites. It is one of the fastest growing forms of content that is shared all around social media. Companies eager to use video struggle to find time for filming, editing, and product, however. If you want to create content for the whole year quickly and more easily, batch videos are the answer.

How Batch Video Creation Saves Time and Money

Every part of marketing or content video creation takes time. Many companies outsource the whole process or at least hire people to handle certain aspects like filming. Even if you have an existing employee do the work, taking more time equals spending more money.

Batch video creation minimizes all of this. Instead of separating the tasks necessary, similar ones are all done at the same time. For example, brainstorm many ideas at once and create a concrete plan and schedule for posting. Also, whether you do on-location shoots or collect stock resources, covering a batch of multiple videos at the same time is more efficient.

You can come up with a year's worth of ideas in a few days. While you may add some dynamic content associated with news stories or market shifts as the months pass, you already know you are set for most video content. All these time and money-saving efforts take careful planning.

Step-by-Step Plan for Making a Year's Worth of Batch Videos

Create multiple videos at the same time while saving money with this simple yet effective plan. Remember that organization is essential to make the process run smoothly and deliver effective marketing videos to boost your company success.

1 – Choose Video Types

After careful research at market interest, choose multiple video formats or varieties to use throughout the year. For example, rotate how-to videos with docu-style, entertainment, product-specific, and whatever else suits your specific company needs.

2 – Create Templates or Set Structures

Either create or choose video templates for each type you plan to use. These do not have to include set graphics or animated effects. They are more like stand-in frames you will later populate with your film, title pages, stock, or whatever content you include.

3 – Write All the Scripts

Once you know the type of video and its structure, writing scripts is not much harder than writing a blog post. Do bulk research, and take notes so you know what each video should include.

4 – Film Everything at Once

If part of multiple videos includes speaking to the camera at your desk, film all of those parts together in one or two days. Choose locations that work for more than one piece of content. The more you condense filming, the cheaper and quicker the batch videos will be.

5 – Negotiate Bulk Editing Prices

If possible, a great way to save money on the entire year's worth of video content creation is to find a professional editor who offers batch discounts. This sometimes works because working on a collection of videos takes less time than negotiating with different clients and switching products. If you use in-house templates or talent to do part of the job, your prices may go down even more.

If you’re ready to extend your reach through video, please feel free to contact us to get started today.

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